Coronado my home…Where my heart is…

This caring energetic community is not only beautiful, but is an inspiration for my art and my soul. Longing to live in California I moved to San Diego from NYC and found my home in Coronado. The small town with handsome sailors, Ocean and delightful flower gardens…

Arriving in SD I opened a private art school which offered art classes to adults and children. Within a few years The ART ROOM become a studio of budding young talent. In addition, I had found a niche in advertising and established the E and M Agency, in which I was creative director and owner.

As a child drawing not only keep me amused and challenged. I received a BS degree in Art from Pratt Institute and a MS degree from Adelphi University. See my paintings and enjoy their spirit.

Oh, how I miss in-person art shows!

Thank you to all who give my artwork a home.

A special thank you to The Studio Door for giving artists a creative space and wonderful community!